Amazing Gifts for Boxers & Boxing Fans

We all have this one friend who is a fan of boxing or even a boxers. It is a bit tricky giving them gift due to the unique liking and excitement of the sports. As your boxing friend been there and you want to be there for them as well in their wedding, birthday or retirement? Don’t say no more, today is your lucky day, you will get to know the best gift for him or her with no hassles.


If your boxing friend is a lady then this is the most suitable gift for her. There are varieties of chain and pendants trending especially the ones called the ‘glove bling’. They are good accessories that blends with most outfits. Their design are based on the popular boxing games.

Training gloves

I would die and rise again if that is what it would take to get this gloves. They are just the perfect gift for that friend who boxes. There are different varieties of gloves and is very wise to figure out what type of gloves he or she likes and also the size they prefer for training. Make sure they are of high qualities if you can, buy them the Winning or Clete Royes brands.

Signed photo of their favorite boxer

It is the best gift for not those who are just fans, but biggest fans. With these as the gift you may as well be the best friend he or she has ever had. He or she will shed tears of joy like literally! They are also available in sites at a fee if you can’t get the boxers to sign them.

mugBoxing glove mug

The knock out mug is just an amazing mug, for a boxer or a fan. It is very unique, and brings out the person’s personality. It will definitely make your friend happy.

Title belts imitations

This will definitely make them feel like a winner. They are readily available, they are all over the net. The signed version of the titled belt are also available if interested.


If you going for something simple, then the t-shirt will do. It can have his or her favorite boxer’s phrase or photo on it. T-shirt’s are best way to go if you don’t know much about your friend. You can get him or her the funny t-shirts, or cool t-shirts with neutral colors.

Safety equipment

If you want to show care to your friend, yet don’t want to be so obvious then is the gift. If the person is a new fan or new boxer, this would also be a perfect gift of them. The safety equipment include a gum shield, a groin guard, a head guard. These are the things many may assume but only a boxer will appreciate.

Training equipment

Some of our friends would want to pursue boxing, but because they can’t afford it, they side lane it. Giving them the training equipment will not only be the gift, but you will have offered them the opportunity to pursue their dreams. They are available on many sites.