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boxingawardsThe Awards are a recreational activity, developing co-ordination, balance, social skills, healthy lifestyles, weight loss and, most important, social inclusion – confidence-building, resilience and of course, higher self esteem. We also get to learn a great Olympic sport, the art of amateur boxing. Box4Life takes members through the first three awards covering Non-Contact boxing – Preliminary, Standard and Bronze. There is no sparring in non-contact boxing – all punches are made to pads (held up by a coach or partner) or bags. Even so, there is a lot to learn and you have to stay focussed – the more you put in, the more you get out. Each Award gives one credit towards ASDAN Boxing GCSE.

Preliminary Award
Stance, guard, footwork, straight punches to head and body, defending yourself.

Standard Award
Throwing straight punches as a combination and also whilst on the move – forward, back, left and right; learning the warm-up routines and skipping; basic boxing rules.

Bronze Award
Bent arm punches (hooks); different ranges of hooks (short, medium, long); using hooks in more complex and faster combination punching (jab, rear hand, lead hand hook); increased fitness levels.

An external assessor, Adrian Ford, kindly helped with scoring members for their awards.

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